Luxury real estate is referred to as the cream of the crop when it comes to niches in the industry. Realtors who are able to make a reputation for themselves in this field are typically able to cinch high-paying clients and hefty take-home paychecks. Explore some of your most prodding questions regarding luxury real estate below.

How Does a Home Qualify as Luxury Real Estate?

Luxury homes are classified as those within the top 10% of properties in their local market, but there are some other factors that contribute to a house being recognized as high-end. The size of the home contributes greatly to this ranking, as spacious estates are often the groundwork of what makes a luxury home. Luxury homes are also usually constructed with high-end materials or stand out from others on the market in terms of their unique architectural details. This distinctive look to the properties only adds to their stature, making their appearance even more lavish to the well-to-do folks shopping around.

The luxury market might appear differently in each community, as the top 10% of properties are going to have different numbers depending on the local economic situation. For instance, a $2 million home in Los Angeles rests much lower on the scale than one might expect, as the top homes in this market sell in the hundreds of millions. However, a $2 million home would undoubtedly be aristocratic in the suburbs of Kansas. Defining luxury real estate depends heavily upon the local economics and pricing of other homes on the market. However, by looking at a home’s appearance, viewers can usually easily tell the difference between luxury real estate and basic properties.

How to Become a Luxury Real Estate Agent

Given the potential to make millions, many aspiring real estate agents dream of positioning themselves well in the luxury market. The most difficult part of branding yourself in this market is coming in contact with these potential clients in the first place. Entering the world of luxury real estate is an intimidating conquest, but there are some proactive measures you can take to make your transition more natural, starting with attending or participating in hobbies that your ideal client would partake in. This strategic method could put you in contact with countless individuals who might one day soon be looking for a piece of luxury real estate. Another method is to double down your standard marketing practices, making your niche apparent as soon as buyers click on your website. Get a handle on SEO practices to have your business ranking in the top spots on Google, giving you better visibility to your ideal clients.