¬†There are a number of home improvement projects that not only upgrade the house but add functionality and convenience to the living space. However, when it comes time to sell a house, many homeowners don’t consider making renovations before listing the property.

Certain features, such as outdoor lighting and built-in storage can actually increase the listing price as well as improve the speed of a sale. Consider the following renovation ideas to attract potential buyers.

A Bathroom on the First Floor

One of the most desirable features a home buyer wants is a bathroom on the first floor. If you are planning on extending your house in the future, this feature can be built where there’s room, typically under the stairs, or perhaps between the laundry and utility rooms. This will give you more selling points.

Double Glazing

A double glazing window can be easily added to the property to give it an added level of security and comfort. Replacing single glazing can be very costly, so adding these windows can make a huge difference when selling the house.

Built-In Storage

One of the most popular home improvement projects that buyers are after is built-in storage. This feature can help them create a more functional and open-plan space by allowing them to see how they can use the area. In addition to being able to clear out floor space, this feature can also act as an extra quirky feature if it’s built into an alcove or an awkward corner.

A Lawned Garden

One of the most surprising features that a home buyer might want is a simple lawned garden. This feature can help them envision how to use the space and provide a clean canvas for their ideas. Besides being able to maintain the garden, buyers don’t have to spend a lot of money on the upkeep. Additionally, potential buyers won’t have to think of the cost to remove unwanted plants or debris.

Security System

Many house buyers want a security system that’s up and running. These systems can include a smart doorbell or a security camera. Regardless of the exact software, having a security system is becoming increasingly common. With the cost of installing a security system now being relatively low, it can be a great investment for potential buyers.

Separate Living Spaces

Although open-plan homes have been popular for a long time now, buyers have begun looking for houses that have separate living areas to provide them with more privacy and peace of mind. Adding a box room that could be used as a small home office is a great way to attract potential buyers, especially as many people continue to work from home.