There are a number of home improvement projects that not only upgrade the house but add functionality and convenience to the living space. However, when it comes time to sell a house, many homeowners don’t consider making renovations before listing the property.

Certain features, such as outdoor lighting and built-in storage can actually increase the listing price as well as improve the speed of a sale. Consider the following renovation ideas to attract potential buyers.

A Kitchen Island

One of the most important rooms in a home that buyers consider when it comes to choosing a property is the kitchen. This area is often the center of the house so it makes sense that it’s so important to potential buyers. If you have an older island update it with a fresh coat of paint to draw attention to it.

White Window Frames

A surprisingly effective feature is white window frames. This type of paint can give the area a facelift while making it feel bigger. It can also help enhance the appearance of the space by using light to keep things looking fresh and light. It’s a simple, low cost project that can be completed both inside and outside.

Outdoor Lighting

Whether it’s in the garden or attached to the building, outdoor lighting can be a great addition to the property. It’s useful and adds an additional security measure.

Separate Shower/Bath Space

Self-care practices are on the rise and more people are looking for separate baths and showers based on relaxation and function. If you have limited space, you might want to consider adding a separate shower instead of one over the other.

A Paved Patio

It may seem like a large project to take on, however, a paved patio appeals to buyers. People want a nice lawn, however, they also want an outdoor space to entertain dinner guests. The patio can be small, which would allow the future owners the ability to extend it if they wanted.

Whether it’s a functional addition inside the house or something unique outside, buyers are looking for these features when they’re envisioning their future in the space. Consider what updates your house could use the most and make a reasonable budget. Oftentimes, these features make the difference between a property that sits for sale for months or one that receives offers above the asking price.