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About Nick Roshdieh

Nick Roshdieh, an award-winning realtor with Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty, has earned a reputation for being synonymous with high-end, luxury living. Nick has been featured on the cover of four real estate publications, such as Executive Agent, and has built a sterling career that spans over a decade. 

There are several reasons for Nick’s success. Clients and partners alike respect his uncompromising dedication to quality. His bargaining abilities and friendly demeanor make him a tough, but enjoyable person to do business with. As a seasoned professional, Nick has also built up a loyal network of partners, giving him the opportunity to engage with some of Southern California’s most highly prized developers. Nick’s vast and trusted network of industry specialists enable him to serve the most exclusive coastal regions, providing top-of-the-line options for his discerning clientele. 

Nick’s hybrid mindset blends best practices of the real estate industry with the demands of today’s discriminating buyers and sellers. Nick and his team are renowned for providing superior service and complete transparency from start to finish. From a technical standpoint, Nick and his group have developed a unique marketing strategy for luxury homes that utilizes online visibility in countries like China and Australia, casting a wider net for luxury properties worldwide.

One of the other things that sets Nick Roshdieh apart is his authenticity. Nick has learned first-hand how to maintain a cheerful mindset in the face of adversity. He has reaped the benefits of hard effort and achievement by adjusting to unpredictable times and believing that everything will be ok. Nick surrounds himself with humility and gratitude, which he does through being self-aware and acknowledging his accomplishments. A lifelong learner and self-improver, Nick sees life as an ongoing adventure rather than a fixed destination. As a result of his dedication to constantly improving his personal and professional abilities, Nick exudes a sense of happiness and warmth and an uncanny intuitive sense that is felt by all. 

Nick is inspired by random acts of kindness and feels motivated by those who try to give others a shot at a meaningful life. Nick and his wife, Fatima, are pillars of their community and support over 70 different philanthropic initiatives. In their spare time, they can be found doting over their own children and savoring all the joys life has to offer.

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